BREAKING: Tuface finally breaks silence over social media saga rocking his marriage

Tuface Idibia appeals, “Let us deal with our issues internally. I take God beg una,”

The Nigerian music icon Tuface Idibia has finally broken his silence over social media saga rocking his marriage.

The genesis of the brouhaha in the marital life of Tuface and his wife began when Annie Idibia took her Insta story to vent her frustrations about the infidelity and lies of her husband. She revealed that Tuface has been seeing his baby mamas and has been using the kids as an excuse to go have lovely sessions with the baby mamas.

According to Annie Idibia, she has made a lot of sacrifices for her marriage but the family of Tuface never loved her from the beginning as all her efforts in raising the kids and going the extra mile is not always appreciated.

Tuface has asked for the two parties at war, his family and his wife’s family to call a truce and cease fire over the recent insults they have traded.

Tuface admitted that he is human and therefore he is fallible to commit mistakes at certain times in his life and therefore, he needs his privacy in order to deal with the issues.

The popular music star took to his Instagram page on Wednesday, September 8, 2021, where he appealed to his family members and supporters to back off his personal life.

He posted on his insta story;

“I admit that bringing our personal issues to social media was not cool but I will not sit back and watch everyone have a free for all battle in the name of love and solidarity,” he wrote.

“None of us is perfect. I will like to urge our families and supporters to stop the madness and the public to please respect our privacy and our kids.”

“Let us deal with our issues internally. I take God beg una.”


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