9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List

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9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List
9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List
9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List

9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List – Playing to earn crypto games is the hottest trend, allowing a user to win substantial sums. 

Let’s look in to see what is truly possible.

From pay-to-play to free-to-play, the gaming industry has evolved in order to win while playing or play to earn crypto games.

What are Play to Earn Crypto Games?

These unique games have native tokens backing game savings. You purchase, swap, sell and play with these currencies in the game.

However, some games are premium requiring an upfront investment to begin with, while some can be played free of charge.

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Notably, most of these games are in early development, especially if you compare the graphics with traditionally top-level PlayStation or Xbox titles. So you’re a few years early if expecting a good-looking crypto game but keep the focus on the economics, and the rewards can be enough to keep you hooked.


How to Verify a P2E game?

This is an entirely new era. So, there are bad projects trying to steal, and it’s imperative to check the legitimacy before investing anything.

The first thing to check is tokenomics. What’s the total token supply, the release cycle, incentive to hold or stake, other use cases, etc.

An unlimited token supply may not be a good thing to start with. Moreover, staking and holding need to be rewarding to keep people invested.

However, there is no fixed recipe to judge a game’s future. But avoid investing big at the start, and don’t go in with an amount you can’t afford to lose.

Because crypto is one of the riskiest investments ever seen in these times, do a proper background check if the stakes are high enough for you.

Now that you know enough about these plays to earn crypto games, let’s check out a few best.

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1. Plant Vs. Undead


9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List
9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List

A multiplayer tower defense game, Plant VS Undead is about a meteorite-hit planet in which the animals have turned into the undead trying to kill the mother trees. However, the flora have evolved too, fully prepared to fight the adversaries.

The native token is PVU stored on Binance Smart Chain, whereas the in-game currency is named Light Energy (LE). These are interchangeable. You will gain Light Energy as you advance in the game, or you can buy PVU with real money to exchange it with LE.

The best part is you don’t need to invest anything to start with. Instead, every player starts with some default assets free of cost–mother trees and non-NFT plants in this case.

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With the gameplay, you gradually acquire seeds, which can grow into plants that can be sold in its marketplace.


2. Axie Infinity

9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List
9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List

Axie Infinity is the top P2E crypto game, consistently in the news for providing household income in some weaker economies (read the Philippines, Venezuela, etc.).

The game requires three Axies (in-game creatures) that you can purchase from their marketplace. Alternatively, you can buy eggs from the Axies labs and wait for them to turn into Axies. Moreover, you can also breed eggs with the Axies to produce new Axies and sell them in the marketplace.

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These NFT Axies are meant to fight another Axies in the group of three to earn the native token, Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). This is the governance token that you can also exchange for real cash. Besides, one can stake them to earn crypto staking rewards.

Except for AXS, there is one more in-game ERC-20 token, SLP (Smooth Love Potions), used for breeding Axies. As with AXS, you can exchange SLP for fiat currencies on notable crypto exchange platforms.

The game also states the introduction of a no-upfront-investment model in the future with limited earning potential.


3. The Sandbox

9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List
9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List

The Sandbox has multiple ways to earn. You can be an artist, game maker, or landowner to earn SAND, its metaverse cryptocurrency.

An artist can create useful assets with the platform’s tool VoxEdit. However, The Sandbox doesn’t allow just about everyone to upload NFTs on its marketplace. You need to apply to its creators’ fund with a portfolio to boost your chances of selection.

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Another way to earn in the Sandbox is to purchase land to rent or create experiences (ex., games). The game maker needs no coding skills to design games. Afterward, as per The Sandbox, you can levy a fee for that experience that other players will pay.


4. Blankos Block Party

9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List
9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List

Blankos Block Party is about partying with the little toy-looking blankos.

The primary earning activity in this play-to-earn crypto game is collecting blankos, leveling up, and selling them for a profit.

The value of a blanko depends upon the attributes and the rarity. While the cheapest ones are up for grabs for as little as $10, the most expensive one sits atop a $5 million price tag.

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However, it’s common to see most blankos priced at thousands of dollars.

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5. Decentraland

9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List
9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List

Decentraland is a top metaverse with ample earning potential for its users. The first way to earn is a cliche for all metaverses–buy land. Subsequently, you can lend it or sell it after substantial appreciation.

The other more interesting (and challenging) way is to organize events or games and charge the audience.

Similar to the Sandbox, there is an in-house tool to build experiences that you can use for free. But the catch is the publication; that needs a parcel of land that you will purchase with MANA, its native token.

The third earning gateway is to offer your services to a landowner, just like we do in this mortal physical world.

Somewhere in 2021, Decentral Games was hiring for its Tominoya Casino. You could have earned $200 as an intern, $700 as a part-timer (20 hours/week), and about $1500 as a full-timer (40 hours/week) working in its metaverse. They ended up hiring 20 part-timers and one full-time manager to run the metaverse casino.

In addition to these, you can design the wearables, send them for approval to the community, and mint them after receiving consent. The registration fee is $500 per item (not per NFT). Finally, you can list your wearables on the marketplace to earn.

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6. Thetan Arena

9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List
9 Top Play to Earn Crypto Games List

Thetan Arena is a free to play and play to earn crypto game. You get three free characters to advance in the game to accumulate the native token, Thetan Coin (THC). These are required to unlock the advanced characters that you can also directly purchase from the marketplace.

The advanced characters are the real deal of the game. Those evolve, can be traded as NFTs, and are allowed to participate in the special events.

THG (Thetan Gem) is the utility and governance token supporting the in-game economy. In addition, you can stake the THG token to gain staking rewards.

The game also encourages renting premium heros or sharing rewards to further open active ways to earn via the gameplay.

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7. Zed Run

Zed Run is a horse racing play-to-earn game that allows users to curate different horses — as NFTs — that they can buy, sell and trade with other players on the platform. Users can also breed new horses or upgrade them to make them stronger. 


8. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an astronomy-based, play-to-earn game where users can explore space and trade NFTs of planets, stars and other items. Each planet or star has unique features, making them all different from one another in the game. Players can also discover new worlds by traveling at warp speed around this virtual galaxy.

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This blockchain-backed game relies on two tokens: the ATLAS, which is used in the game as a utility token, and the POLIS, which is a governance token. The greater the amount of ATLAS a user owns, the more POLIS they generate.

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9. Gods Unchained

This blockchain-based play-to-earn game allows users to collect NFT cards to compete against each other. The game revolves around powerful beings known as “Gods,” each of whom possesses a unique ability. The in-game currency GODS can be used to buy these cards and can be earned by defeating other players in battle.

Roughly 23.7 million GODS coins, which is about 5% of the total supply, are in circulation as of April 2022, while a single share of GODS is valued at around $1.58.


Watch Video Here – https://youtu.be/zchIkjXtOtk




Play-to-earn games allow users to farm or collect crypto and NFTs that can be sold on the market. By playing the game regularly, each player can earn more items or tokens to sell and generate an income. Some players have even begun to supplement or replace their salaries playing these blockchain games. However, such activity involves risk, as you typically need to put up an initial investment to purchase characters and items to play the game.



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