I sleep around with men to raise money to build a church and an orphanage — Socialite, Lari The Boss Chick

Ghanaian slay Queen, Larithebosschick who sleeps with rich married men has revealed the motive for her promiscuous lifestyle.

Lari revealed in an exclusive interview with media personality, Arnold Mensah Elavanyo, that she sleeps with men for money and she intends to use the money she earns from her escapades to build a church and an orphanage.

She said that she does not have a feeling of guilt sleeping with other people’s husbands because someone will also sleep with her husband one day.

According to her, most men don’t get the satisfaction they want from the wives to they go out to find side chicks and she reckons that men can’t stop cheating on their wives, hence she is not perturbed about sleeping with married men because her husband will also cheat on her with other women when she marries.

“I intend to build a children’s home and a church with the money I’ve saved,” she said.

Author: Adaeze UC

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