About Today’s sit-at-home in Anambra State, Nigeria


Ikenna Orji reports;

“There have been an attack in Neni and Nkpor axis.

These people that were attacked simply obeyed the governor’s order to move around without sitting at home.

Someone was Stabbed 6 times at eastern mass junction Nnewi today 14/09/2021.

He Stepped out of his car to remove road blocks on the road. He was rushed and stabbed 6 times.

Nobody asked where he was going or where he is coming from.

They didn’t snatch his car, he managed to drive to a health centre,

In Neni, motorcycles were burnt, and a Bus was set ablazed

They returned 2 phones to people that were running, and flogged them mercilessly

In Nanka, a bus was set ablazed with 4 people set to be inside.

The governor asked us to go about our duties yesterday, he walked freely in Awka and Onitsha.

Then one of the future worsts happened today.

Yet our president (The enemy) came to owerri untouched and undisturbed.

Those clapping will be directly or indirectly affectted soon”.


Author: Adaeze UC

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