5 Apps that read text or ebook to you (Free)

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 5 Apps that read text or ebook to you (Free)
5 Apps that read text or ebook to you (Free)

5 Apps that read text or ebook – Text-to-speech apps were previously used for visually impaired people. However, now people use these apps for their convenience as well. Most commonly, people use text-to-speech or TTS while traveling to listen to the news or to avoid missing out on a new text message.

Imagine you came back home after spending hours on the computer, and now you want to read your favorite ebook or any article without tiring your eyes. It is possible with the help of a text-to-speech app. Most of these are based on the Google Text To Speech app preinstalled on your smartphone.


 5 Apps that read text or ebook

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Speechify turns any text into an audiobook to increase the reader’s understanding, retention, and productivity. This app reads to you by generating human-like voices through AI technology and allows the user to upload documents, including from scans or Google Drive. Since Speechify can sync across devices and allows plenty of options for uploading content, it can be a great tool for anyone who needs reading support in the classroom or the workplace.


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NaturalReader allows you to listen to ebooks, webpages, and PDFs imported for cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or just your local storage. But you’ll have to download a voice to get going.


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The narrator’s Voice offers something a bit different. The usual features are here: it can read text from apps, the web, messages, and other sources.

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4. T2S

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T2S is a text-to-speech app that offers one of the most modern interfaces out of the apps we’ve discussed.

The app’s standout feature is the presence of a simple built-in web browser. It’s not going to win any awards for the number of features it offers, but it lets you easily listen to web pages without worrying about copying and pasting URLs or using the Share menu.

T2S’s copy-to-speak feature is also worth mentioning. It shows an on-screen popup button whenever you copy the text in other apps. Pressing the button will make the app start reading the copied text instantly.


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This app from TK Solution is a quite decent pick when it comes to converting text to speech. You can type or paste a text in the app and have it read aloud as per custom speed, pitch, and volume preferences.

Moreover, it also gives you the option to save texts, so that you can load them up again later without hassle. When it comes to speech, you can choose to store the audio file in WAV format.


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