Run if your man says he will buy a car for his mother before his wife – Daddy Freeze

Run if your man says he will buy a car for his mother before his wife – Daddy Freeze

The Popular Nigerian OAP, Daddy Freeze has spoken on how to identifying a man who is a ‘husband material’.

Daddy Freeze stated when a man tells a woman he intends to marry that he will buy his mom a car first after they get married, that woman should run away from such man.

Daddy Freeze noted that after marriage, a man’s first point of call is his immediate family which consists of his wife and kids if any.

According to him, if he would rather buy his mom a car instead of his pregnant wife then, such a man isn’t a marriage material.

He backed up his assertion with a couple of scriptures to further give it credence.

He shared a post with his photo and write-up side-by-side.

He posted:

“Dear Nigerian women….Before you marry, ask your husband to be (with style just to pick his brain), “when we marry, who would you buy a car for first, me or your mum?’

“If he says his mum, R U N!”

“Any man who wants his pregnant wife to trek while his mum drives, is in my humble opinion, far from marriage material.”

The accompanying caption for the post reads: 1st Timothy 5:8 instructs believers to take care of their immediate households first, your mum is your extended family, your wife and kids are your immediate household; they come first!

“Proverbs 13:22 says our parents should leave an inheritance for us, even up to our grandchildren, not the other way round!


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