High Ticket Digital Marketing

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High Ticket Digital Marketing
High Ticket Digital Marketing
High Ticket Digital Marketing


High ticket digital marketing is the practice of selling goods and services with high rewards via using social media platforms like – Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, etc.

Many digital marketers employ this method to increase income on fewer transactions. Based on the things you sell, elevated items can generate a fee of at least $500 per transaction and as high as tens of thousands of dollars.

Simply, High ticket digital marketing refers to the use of digital tools like – Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, etc. in order to sell costly Products or  services. It can include offering digital-only subscriptions or other forms of eCommerce, like software as services (SaaS). As an example, if, for instance, you offer expensive eBooks, courses or software, you’ll be selling expensive digital products.

What are the high ticket Products?

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A service or product with a high ticket cost is one that is of significant importance. Notwithstanding their moderate price, they provide purchasers with a lot of value.

These items could be expensive things like jewels, luxury automobiles, costly bikes, or houses. Additionally, they could consist of training, mentoring, or webinars. Alternatively, there might be any service offering that costs more than $1,000 and offers consumers a lot of value.

What are high-ticket items?

High-ticket items are a high-value and high-priced product or service. They cost a bit of money and offer buyers a high value.

These items can include expensive products like cars, jewellery, and high-end bikes. And they could be services like coaching, webinars, and training. Or they could be any product or service that costs more than $1,000 and offers clients a lot of value.

As you already know, a sales funnel is a series of steps that lead a potential customer or client to a purchase decision. Similarly, a high-ticket sales funnel is defined as a selling system that leads a customer, step-by-step, to buy a higher-priced product or service.

High-ticket funnels are a powerful marketing strategy that, when used right, can make you a lot of money. Depending on how well you implement your sales funnel strategies, your high-ticket funnel will convert—it’s already happened for a ton of other companies, including here at AutoGrow.

Anyway, normally people who buy products or services at higher prices are typically much more invested in them and more likely to have higher levels of success with those products or services. That’s one of the main reasons why high-ticket items are great for businesses.

High Ticket Digital Marketing Niches

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If you’re looking to get into digital marketing, there are a few high-ticket niches worth considering. Here’s a look at three of them:

Luxury Goods and Services: Luxury brands have always been early adopters of new marketing channels and technologies. They were among the first to experiment with online advertising, social media, and even Augmented Reality (AR). And as the luxury market continues to grow globally, so does the opportunity for digital marketers to reach these high-end consumers.

Healthcare: The healthcare industry is another big spender on digital marketing, especially when it comes to patient acquisition and retention. With the Affordable Care Act in place, there’s an increased focus on getting more people insured. And that means healthcare providers need to find creative ways to reach their target audiences online.

B2B Technology: B2B technology companies are some of the biggest spenders on digital marketing, especially when it comes to lead generation and demand generation efforts.

Leads and Sales

Digital marketing with high-ticket prices is typically employed as an umbrella phrase for two distinct segments : lead generation as well as eCommerce.

Lead generation refers to the methods that you can employ to convince prospective customers to provide you with their contact information. Then you can utilise these contact information to reach them to encourage them to purchase your product or service.

ECommerce is when you sell your goods on the internet. You can start your own store online or utilise a marketplace similar to Amazon.

For instance…

If you’re not willing to charge more than $1,000 for a training course…

If you’re happy charging clients an hourly rate for SEO services…

If you’re bogged down with demanding and unappreciative clients, telling yourself “this is just the nature of the job”…

Then, selling high-ticket items is not for you.

On the other hand, if…

You’re willing to charge clients of your service over $1,000+…

You want to make more profit per sale…

You’re willing to spend less on overhead costs…

And you prefer selling expensive products or services rather than more affordable ones…

Then, high-tickets are perfect for you and your business.

Typically, higher ticket products are also the most profitable ones because they pay for themselves. This is one reason why people start selling high-ticket items in the first place. They know they need fewer sales in order to meet their financial goals.

There’s a lot of potential for skyrocketing your monthly and yearly revenue growth with high-ticket items. But the thing is, generating high-ticket leads can be tricky because it requires different sales funnel tactics than low-ticket items.

For instance, if you’re selling high-ticket products, to drive customer’s engagement you might want to consider asking for a small deposit on a more expensive item. You’ll see below how Tesla used this marketing strategy.

And if you’re selling a service instead of a physical product, you might give the prospect a preview of the paid product in the form of a cheap (or free) report or webinar.

So, if you’re considering pivoting your company and start selling high-ticket items, here are 5 examples of high-ticket funnels of multimillion-dollar companies that you can model for your business…

HIGH-TICKET FUNNEL EXAMPLE #1: Woodleaf Realty – 768 New Leads  With A $2,500 Budget 

Janie Howard owns a real estate brokerage called Woodleaf Realty in Colorado.

She wanted to get more involved with Facebook ad campaigns but she and her small team didn’t know much about digital marketing.

So unfortunately, her lead generation efforts fell short of her goals.

If you use digital platforms properly, high-ticket funnels are a powerful marketing technique that can bring in a process of maximising profits. Your high-ticket funnel will sell based on how successfully you implement your sales pipeline methods.

Anyways, people who purchase goods or services that have higher costs often have a greater level of commitment to them and are therefore more likely to succeed in doing so. High-ticket items are advantageous for businesses for a variety of reasons, one of which is that.

What are the High ticket digital marketing techniques?

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The quickest way to reach one’s revenue objective is definitely through high-priced affiliate programs. It involves marketing goods that pay $500 or more in compensation for each sale you make.

The ideal way to achieve that is through organic marketing, where you can interact with customers, learn about their needs and aspirations, identify their pain points, and position yourself and the product you’re pushing as a solution to their problems.

Affiliate items come in 3 various sorts including –

1. Usually expensive tickets. They often cost $1000+ and include a $500 commission. Numbers could change.

2. Worth of merchandise. They start with low-ticket items and then up-sell them to more valuable stuff using their worth hierarchy.

3. Centrally controlled products. You pay a joining fee to be able to market these things, and you earn 100% profits, so it’s kind of like a lease.

Your best chance of success with digital marketing may come from combining all of the aforementioned strategies.

Here, I’m going to give you some digital marketing tips which help to increase sales of high-ticket goods and services. Give a look how to get into high ticket digital marketing.

Use the product before advertising it

You should use every item before recommending it to customers. Purchase the item, put it to use, and then calculate your profit from it. Ensure that you enjoy using this product. You can get the most from an item if you’re using it first.

After that, tell your buyers about the product’s best qualities. It will result in an excellent conversion rate and help you keep your personal brand’s credibility.

Provide free bonuses for affiliate merchandise

To set yourself apart from other marketers, offer free incentives with affiliate offers. Include ebooks, reports, movies, and other content that will draw visitors to your website.

Your no-cost gifts have to be useful and relevant to the associated enterprise you’re promoting. Inform your readers of the bonuses provided following the use of your affiliate program to make purchases.

Increase thorough review

You should compose a positive review and give data in ways about goods you are promoting. Include most of the benefits, information, how well the product works, etc. People want to buy products that will make their difficulties easy to solve. Besides, keep your films at a high level if you are and use them to demonstrate how products perform.

Go over the benefits and drawbacks of the product.

Every item is not flawless. So, be prepared to clarify to your clients the benefits and drawbacks of using that product. For credibility, be open and give all product information.

Customers should just not view you as someone who only uses backlinks to make money. Therefore, avoid overstating the benefits and characteristics of items. You can begin your attempts to develop an affiliate program once you have earned somebody’s trust.

Send visitors to the capturing page

You must first point your audience to the website’s lead capture site. Add them to your mailing list after collecting their email address. Thus, you can send an email responder sales funnel for such affiliated items that send 15-20 email follow-ups over the course of 2 to 4 weeks.

Make use of various monitoring links

It’s crucial to know the clicks, sales, and exchange rates of each traffic source so that you can identify which are effective and which are not. Besides, you can keep a unique tracking Web address for each active traffic source.

Goods and materials in accordance with relevant specialised client needs.

Find out what your customers are looking for in terms of products, and then deliver what they need. Check the product’s actual sale locations and the number of affiliates that are offering it. View the website’s ranking on Alexa. Examine the marketing techniques of similar products on Paypal and Amazon.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A High Ticket Selling Strategy?

Value-added services benefit both your brand as well as your agency. Customers will find the best services that they want that most other agencies don’t offer. Agencies that specialise in high-value markets must also make their own name!

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1. High-Value Orders Result In Fewer Orders But More Revenue.

One of the major benefits of offering high-value online marketing is the fact that you’ll be able to provide less time-consuming and “busy work” services while growing your earnings. Customers who are willing to spend money on these high value services will naturally get greater value.

2. It Helps To Build Your Brand.

The high-priced services give you a feeling of prestige, excellence and power. The digital marketing services could show that your business is a reputable and top-quality image.

3. You Have The Ability To Attract Significant Consumers.

The high-priced digital marketing services are likely to attract less but more valuable customers. In the end, there will be less service procedures and consultations. The ideal customer for this deal is aware of the value of the product and is prepared to purchase it. The sales you make are focused and generally mean that your customer was looking specifically for the service in question.

4. You Have The Option Of Providing Complete Services.

Digital marketing is typically more extensive than lower-cost alternatives.

5. There Are No Boundaries To How Much You Can Improve.

When you provide premium Digital Marketing services your customers’ confidence in your business and your own company grows. As your products increase as do your company’s thoughts and concepts.

Cons of High Ticket Digital Marketing

What are the disadvantages of high-priced digital marketing?

1. Less Control

Digital marketing means that you are less in control of the people who view your ads as well as landing pages. This could mean that buyers of your product may see the advertisement but decide not to purchase the product. This could result in a decrease in sales.

2. Competition

The competition is just so intense on the internet that you’ll need to design highly effective advertising campaigns to earn a decent profit from your advertising.

Digital advertising can be extremely costly. You’ll need to put in an enormous amount of money to create successful ads. It is necessary to invest cash on things like designing advertisements or hiring an agency and even buying advertising space.

A majority of your customers already know about your product, even if you’ve never advertised them. This means you must develop highly effective ads to make your message stand out and draw the attention of your potential customers.

Strategies for High-Ticket Digital Marketing

Choose the appropriate marketing channel.

The first step in implementing the most expensive advertising campaign on the internet is to select the appropriate marketing channel. What is effective for one brand might not be the best for another.

Make a compelling deal

An offer is the essence of what you’re offering to your clients in return for contact information. The offer could consist of a deal or free trial or even a sample or product. Whatever you decide to offer it must be something that is truly valuable.

Make a fantastic landing page

Landing pages are those pages that potential customers will see after they have clicked on your advertisements. They should have only one objective – making your visitors convert into customers. You must include an engaging headline and a compelling proposition and a compelling argument for the advantages.


Get in touch with your friends via Social Media Blogging, Social Media and many more.

You now have an excellent deal and landing page that focuses on your content for numerous channels, such as your social media pages, blogs, mobile marketing, blog as well as video marketing.

Utilise a digital marketing company or an expert marketer to produce appealing and engaging content. Your blog content must be informative and relevant. Your blog should be a showcase for your company’s expertise and experience. Your social media posts must be captivating and include an appealing call to take action.

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How Can You Market High Ticket Digital Marketing Services Effectively?

A lot of businesses focus on initial offerings to draw attention to premium Digital Marketing Services. The result is that profits will be included in future orders.

1. Have Faith In What You’re Selling.

It’s a common error to believe that something you provide can be “too pricey.” Believe in the value of your service to convince prospective customers to buy the same. Customers want the service to meet their requirements and to be able to answer their questions. Inspire them to feel at ease buying your products and services.

2. Select The Appropriate Marketing Channel.

Start with channels with low returns. There are a variety of marketing channels that are available today. Instead of focusing on all of them, choose the ones which will provide the greatest ROI for your business. If you attempt to tackle too many subjects, you might not see the results you want in return for your time and financial commitment. Email marketing can be used along with organic searches or social media marketing and other methods to generate leads, for instance.

3. Reduce Customer Apprehension.

It is crucial to identify and address potential buyers’ concerns, fears and worries. Offer value and quality throughout the buying process. Inspire the buyer to feel safe.

4. Distribute Customer Testimonials.

The ability to build trust through testimonials from customers can help potential customers feel more secure. Reviews, case studies, and testimonials can increase the sense of security because the potential buyer learns of someone who already used the product or service.

5. Create A High-Value Shopping Experience From Beginning To End.

The process of purchasing is as important as the services themselves. If you are offering a top-quality product, the entire purchase experience should be the same quality from beginning to end. This includes the marketing of content, customer service and the customer experience. This is not just a way to ensure customer loyalty, but it can positively reflect your company’s image.

6. Provide Many Packaging Alternatives.

Potential customers will look at and choose the best package of services when you offer several alternatives. However If you offer just one option, they’ll most likely be comparing the choice to your competitor’s list of promises to deliver.

Here are 10 effective strategies to sell digital products that are high-priced:

1. Understand Your Buyer Persona

The buyer persona refers to the audience whom you’re marketing your premium digital products to. It can be made up of an age range or a geographical region, or even both. It is important to know the ideal buyer to develop marketing materials for them and eventually make your product sell successfully.

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If, for instance, you’re targeting millennials aged 18 and 30 years old in the US It is possible to develop a product using Instagram as well as Snapchat to advertise it.

It is important to know the motivations of your buyer. What are the issues they face each day? What products can you offer to assist them in overcoming these obstacles?

If you can answer these questions then you’ll be on the route to providing their requirements. It’s not always straightforward but it’s worthwhile in the end.

Examples of buyer personas include:

A 35-year-old woman who is expecting her first child and is looking to shed weight.

Entrepreneur in his early thirties , with an established company that requires assistance in reaching out to more potential customers.

A man aged 24 who is looking to launch an online company but lacks the basics.

A girl of 18 is studying at a college and wants to earn some income on the side to pay for the purchase of a brand new laptop for her school.

When you know the persona of your customer and your buyer persona, it’s easier to develop marketing materials to meet their needs. You’ll be able to create material that speaks to their needs and fears which will ultimately motivate customers to purchase your product.

2. Figure Out Your Competition

Determine the other sellers of comparable products. Find out what else they are offering which you don’t have, and what their following is relative to yours. If there’s many companies offering high-end digital products that have large followers, then it could be necessary to locate an audience which isn’t being met.

Once you know the competition and what sets them apart It will allow you to identify what will work for your business and how you can distinguish your business from the pack.

In determining the best way to approach this stage in advertising digital products with high-value Consider the following factors:

What distinguishes your product?

How can you reach out to people that your competitors haven’t as of yet?

Which areas of the digital product market are not being served, and what can you do to better provide them with the same level of service as others before you can.

3. Help Them Envision What Success Looks Like

If you can show your potential customers what your product’s success will look like, you’ll be capable of helping them imagine their own potential. If they can see that other people have achieved greater ambitions and desires with your premium digital offerings this provides them with the confidence they require to make a purchase.

This is a fantastic opportunity to kick off your pitch for your product. You can share stories of success of real people who succeeded in achieving their goals and aspirations with the help of your premium digital products.

This will make them feel enthusiastic about using the product themselves and be confident that they might be successful using the product they have purchased. Additionally, you should include an actual case study that you could present to your potential customers. This will highlight the achievements of people who have tried this product.

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The more stories of success and case studies you are able to share the greater chance you have of selling expensive digital products. Customers need to be aware that they can also achieve similar results when they purchase your product.

4. Use a High-Ticket Sales Script

Let’s suppose you’ve made a sales script that is high-ticket that you have developed for your service. It can be used in emails, webinars as well as on telephone calls to achieve the same outcomes as selling face-to face.

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All of these strategies require emotional involvement from potential customers that can result in them purchasing from you in the future.

This is because people don’t like being offered anything, but they will buy. So by using a high-ticket sales pitch, you can get your prospects engaged but without overdoing it. It is important to keep them engaged enough to make them want for your product or service once they are time.

One of the most effective instances of this can be found in the book How to Make Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. This is due to the fact that the sales strategy has been employed across the globe for decades, in various types of sales pitches.

For instance there was a time when it was believed that only those with a higher education level would be interested in books like these, but nowadays they’re bestsellers with those who are younger than the typical age of book-readers.

This is because they managed to get people emotionally involved in them even though they were not an expensive product such as coaching or consulting services However, Carnegie employed this strategy to make huge sales of copies.

5. Ask About Previous Less Expensive Experiences

If they have had the opportunity to do an experiment with low-cost products and have had some success, they are more likely to purchase an expensive product. One way to get this information from your potential customers is to ask them about their previous experiences. It can happen during an informal conversation but you should be careful not to appear as overly aggressive or pushy since it will make them turn away from your product right away.

Inform them that you’re simply interested in the things they’ve done in the past and if the activity is similar to yours inform them of what they can benefit from the higher-end version.

The reason for this to work so well is because people often look back at their past experiences and compare them with new experiences.

For instance, if you purchase a lower-end product and are satisfied with it, they’ll contrast it with your more expensive version. They may not be aware how much value is in the top-end product.

If you talk about the past experiences of your children, it will help them understand how much value an expensive item would be for them.

6. Create a High-Converting Sales Funnel

If you want to succeed in selling your expensive digital goods, you’ll require a sales funnel that is high-converting. A sales funnel that is highly-converting is the only way to be sure that you’re bringing as many leads to your business as you can. This will lead to higher conversions , and consequently greater revenue for your business.

The first step in creating an efficient sales funnel starts by attracting plenty of traffic so in order to market your products , you should be able to draw a large number of people visiting your site.

Your marketing efforts must focus on attracting top-quality customers that are interested in the products you’re offering. This is a combination of paid advertisements and content marketing strategies for free which attract the appropriate audience.

After you have a well-optimised site that converts visitors to leads The second step will be to guide the leads through your funnel for sales.

You must employ various strategies on every page of your sales funnel to make people confident about buying products from you, and then move them through the funnel more quickly. The more trust they have in you the more likely that they’ll buy.

An effective method of getting people over the initial hurdle of purchasing is to offer a free present that requires the recipient to supply an email address to receive it.

It could be an educational guide, checklist or any other kind of digital download that you can make available on your website as a printed copy or downloadable version.

If someone chooses to receive a freebie, they’ll probably be hesitant to proceed buying your product. This is why establishing an upsell is a crucial element in every sales funnel that is highly-converting.

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Upselling is the method through which you persuade a customer to purchase a new product or service once they’ve already purchased an item through your business. It is possible to do this through webinars or email marketing however it is more effective if customers see this immediately after someone visits their website.

After someone has signed up to your free offer and has completed the offer, they will be more likely to purchase from you. Your upsell should contain an offer that is similar to, however, it is superior to the product that was bought.

An effective way to get customers moving through your sales funnel quicker is to offer an ongoing subscription instead of selling them a single item. This will allow you to earn more money from your customers. It will also be an opportunity for them to earn a premium because they’re not buying just one expensive item, but many months of exclusive content or continuous assistance.

7. Use High-Velocity Content

Selling digital goods that cost a lot of money will require a different approach to selling products that are priced low or mid-priced. It is necessary to put in more work and put in time to provide the best value.

The first step to success in sales is to create content that inspires trust that provides actual information on what you’re selling and explains to your customers what they can expect from it.

You want the purchasing process to be simple for your clients, so they can swiftly get the product they require and then proceed to other projects. Also, you don’t want your customers to be unsure about the purchase or being lost in a sea of competing offers since you’re not giving enough details in your sales material.

The most effective method to accomplish this is to make use of high-speed content. That means you need to make informative blog articles, ebooks, webinars, and videos that provide an actual value to the audience so that they will want to know more about the products and services your company offers.

The better the information you share in these publications the easier it is to convince the reader to trust your knowledge and buy from you.

Don’t delay in creating these resources. You can begin right today with the data you already have about your service or product, and continue to add material as time goes by.

This can help increase sales of your future products because they are aware of the products you sell, why they require the product, as well as how simple it is to begin.

8. Only Talk About Price In The Close

When you first discuss the cost of your digital item should only be at the end of the process since if you discuss the price too soon, they’ll be able to reject it without hesitation.

If you mention the price before the prospect is ready to purchase There’s a great possibility that they will not buy anyhow due to the price that might be high in comparison to other alternatives. It’s preferable if the buyer believes that your product is a good value and worth it.

If your potential customers are contemplating the outcome, you are able to continue to sell. They’re more likely to purchase if you mention it only at the end of the sale because that is when they’ve made the decision the digital item is worth purchasing and are prepared for whatever is to come.

9. Use a Trial Close

Trial closes are a query you make at the conclusion of your presentation in order to obtain the answer you want from the person. The typical format is similar to, “Are you ready to start this?” or “Will it be okay if I go ahead and book that for next week?”

If they agree and you’re done, you’re in good shape. If they don’t then you must return and alter your plans before the sale is concluded.

The trial closing is a fantastic opportunity to hear feedback from your customer before you make a final decision on the purchase. It will help you to ensure that they are prepared for what’s to come. This is vital since once the money is transferred there are no refunds or do-overs.

If you don’t make use of an initial close and attempt to make them sell more than they are able to afford, you could lose the sale altogether. It’s better to be aware the moment there’s an issue, rather than later in the future in the event that the time is too far.

10. Close For the Technical Win

If you’ve ever purchased an expensive digital item most likely, they’ve tried to sell it to you with a description of the reason why their product can be described as “superior.” They may even be as bold as to say the competition does not have this feature or offer that makes them superior to others.

They’ll assure you that their product can solve all your issues and anything else they can come up with to get you to the finish line.

This tactic is effective for selling almost everything, particularly digital goods like software development services, where it’s easy to prove that a developer is superior in a certain way or explain why a software has superior features over other platforms.

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How Do You Get A High Ticket Digital Marketing Client?

There are a few key things you can do to attract high-ticket digital marketing clients. These include:

Create a strong portfolio – Make sure your portfolio is up-to-date and features your best work. Include case studies, examples of successful campaigns, and any other relevant information that will show potential clients what you’re capable of.

Have a professional website – Your website should be well-designed and informative, and it should clearly showcase your capabilities as a digital marketer. Include testimonials, case studies, and contact information so that potential clients can easily get in touch with you. You can also include a blog to serve as an authority figure in your industry.

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Use social media – Social media is a great way to connect with potential clients and build your reputation as a digital marketer. Consider creating profiles on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and actively engage with potential clients by sharing relevant industry news and tips, responding to questions or comments, and more.

How to increase sales with high ticket affiliate marketing

1. Identify your best prospects

It’s you who defines the type of prospects that will be interested in your company’s offering.

Your marketing and sales strategy will completely depend on the type of people you want to reach with your campaigns. Therefore, it’s crucial to build ideal customer profiles (ICP) before taking any action to attract high-end prospects.

Revisit and build up new high-ticket customer profiles by answering the following questions:

What’s the size of my ideal customers’ company?

What position does your point of contact occupy?What are the key pain points of companies of this type?

How many stakeholders usually take part in the decision-making process?

Why would they choose your solution and not use internal resources to solve their problem?

How experienced are they in the topic?

Would they need additional guidance?

Now, with a clearly defined customer profile, you can build campaigns that are focused on the needs and priorities only a high-ticket customer might have.

2. Target your ideal prospects in your content

It’s tempting to appeal to broad audiences with your marketing campaigns.

It might seem that the more people you reach, the more customers you’ll get. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite.

Running a blog? Always pay attention to the interests and needs of your ideal buyer personas. In fact, a Forrester research showed that 63% of buyers ignore the content that isn’t relevant to their needs, their industry, and their role!

For example, if you’ve figured out that your target audience is highly experienced in the subject or product, don’t waste your time creating “how-to” guides for beginners.

While narrowing your campaigns down to a very specific niche will limit your reach, you’ll be able to convey messaging that resonates with those few C-level experts who have the highest potential to become your best paying customers.

3. Focus on building your brand

It’s likely that when going to the higher level, you’ll face competitors different from your usual lot.

There are big brands serving enterprise-level companies that aren’t after lower prices.

These brands have earned trust in the niche and appeal to high-paying audiences with their brand reputation.

To win the competition for the attention of these audiences, you need to establish a strong brand.

Consistent branding across digital channels increases revenue by 23%. However, only 15% of companies can say they have a strong brand presence.

Today, almost every B2B company has a beautifully designed website, which means your ability to present what you offer in the best possible way doesn’t affect prospects’ decisions much anymore.

Instead, 81% of customers say they need to trust a brand to make a purchasing decision.

What matters is keeping a consistent brand image. To achieve it, follow these steps: 

Develop your brand voice. Create memorable brand identity elements.Convey your values in your content.Show employee appreciation.4. Display top customers’ logos and share customer studies

Whether you work with low-ticket or high-ticket customers, social proof always matters.

Let your existing and past customers speak to the quality of your products or services. One of the easy ways to offer social proof is to display your customers’ logos on your website.

While it often takes much time and effort to get enterprise customers to leave a genuine testimonial on a customer review platform or even share a brief quote you could feature on your website. But it’s way easier to get permission to display their logo on your site, right?

As an example, Voices.com managed to increase conversion rates from 5% to 22% by placing their customers’ logos on the company website.

Another way is to share case studies. They allow you to walk your prospects through a business success story they can relate to.

Today, 20% of B2B marketers are confident that case studies help them generate leads that convert. Quality case studies are able to show your prospects that your product or service has successfully offered value and improved your buyers’ business.

Promote case studies across your website, use them to boast on social media, and link to them in your sales outreach emails – it’s never too much when it comes to a good success story.

Use a contact form to filter out irrelevant leads

Remember that you get to choose whom you want to work with. This means – don’t be afraid to miss low-ticket leads when prioritising high-paying prospects.

The best way to quickly identify whether a lead might become your ideal customer is to add a qualifying step to your contact form.

What is it that matters to you the most: company size, number of employees, or their marketing budget? Include this question in your form and you’ll know whether they match your “high-ticket” ICP.

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Score leads

When you receive the first pieces of data on your leads, use it to score and prioritise incoming submissions.

The golden window for following up with a new lead is 5 minutes. If you fail to get back to your prospects within this timeframe or at least in less than an hour, you risk losing your high-end customers to a more nimble competitor.

But how do you catch up with everyone immediately when you have dozens of submissions every day? The best way to do it is to have a set of criteria for qualifying leads automatically or a powerful CRM tool.

Typically, the following factors can tell whether a prospect is the right fit for your business or not:

  • Company industry
  • Company size
  • Contact’s role
  • Company location
  • The problem they’re facing
  • The relevant questions can be included in your lead generation forms.

Do sales outreach

I’m just going to admit it. Marketing can’t do it alone without the help of sales.

Generating high-ticket B2B leads with a just website isn’t an easy task. The vast majority of site visitors and even leads won’t meet your ICP.

Only 7% of marketing leads can be characterised as “very high quality”. People reading your blog or requesting your eBook are rarely decision-makers. That’s why sales outreach should take a key place in your business strategy if you want to land high-end customers.

By being proactive with sales outreach, you can speed up the process and choose companies you want to work with. You can either find relevant companies manually or use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to quickly get a list of people and companies that meet your criteria.

LinkedIn’s InMails earn a 10-25% response rate, which is 3x higher than email campaigns.

A word of advice: Don’t drag your communication with prospects over LinkedIn or email for too long. Offer them to schedule a call right in your first outreach message.

Build a professional-looking proposal template

On the one hand, building a sales proposal from scratch every time you negotiate with a new prospective customer is incredibly time-consuming.

On the other hand, you don’t want to lose a customer to a poorly designed generic proposal template that will fit everyone (and, also, no one).

The solution is simple – design a template where your company and its vision are briefly introduced and leave blank space for filling in a customised proposal that addresses the needs of the specific prospect.

Typically, when you send out a proposal, you have a good understanding of the potential customer’s challenges and goals. So, focus on this information and tell how your company is going to drive them closer to reaching their objectives. Don’t just lay down a dry list of services or awesome product features you’re going to provide.

Build knowledge to close high-ticket customers

When talking to low-ticket and high-ticket customers, you’ll need to look at their problems from different angles.

While low-ticket prospects would focus on getting things done for the lowest possible price, the high-ticket prospects won’t compromise the quality of the product or service they want to get at any cost.

Also, high-end prospects want to make sure they work with professionals, so show them you deeply understand the problems enterprise-level companies encounter and be proactive with offering a solution.

Always do thorough research of the topic before a sales call. Even if you have never worked with a company in a specific niche, it’s important for you to be the person who sets the agenda and controls the call from the very beginning.

Train your sales team to be brand ambassadors

Very few high-ticket prospects, if any, will be ready to purchase from you after just seeing your marketing materials. The vast majority will be convinced (or not) by your salespeople.

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That’s why your sales representatives should share your values and brand voice! If you fail to train your employees to speak your brand’s language, all the efforts you’ve taken to build a consistent image would make little sense.

To turn your sales team into real brand ambassadors, have your communication strategy documented, schedule regular workshops, and encourage people to speak up and share their perspectives of your brand values.


Digital marketing with high-ticket prices is an excellent option for businesses to market costly products or services on the internet. It’s inexpensive to implement and can be utilised to reach out to a worldwide market.












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