How did Thomas Edison become successful

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“The greatest weakness lies in giving up so easily. You can still try just one more time. It might be your greatest success in life!”

When we talk about giving up, one name always struck in my mind: Thomas Edison. 

Do You know about Thomas Edison? 

He was the great scientist of his time. He did many great inventions like the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the electric light bulb, and many more. Edison did almost 1093 successful inventions in his lifetime.

Thomas Edison faced many ups and downs in his life but he never gave up. He fought all the problems with courage.

He tackles all the situations very bravely. He taught us an important lesson of “Never giving up”.

At a very young age, Thomas Edison made many inventions. The Telegraph was one of his most popular inventions. After some time he became so good at using the telegraph that he got a job as a telegrapher to send signals between the United States and Canada.

At the time of the invention of the light bulb, he had failed more than 10,000 times but he still kept trying, and finally, he succeeded.

When a news reporter asked him how it feels to fail 10,000 times and finally succeed?

  Thomas Edison replied :

“I didn’t fail 10,000 times, but I found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

This quote of Thomas Edison has changed the world. It is the most popular quote of Thomas Edison.

“Giving up” is the thing that can easily stop one from becoming successful, and impacting the world with his or her story. 

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We should always learn not to lose our hope. We should keep believing in our dreams because Thomas Edison and others around us are an example of what happens if someone keeps believing.


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