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 How to Create Engaging Content
How to Create Engaging Content

How to Create Engaging Content – The content that you use on advertising your business or brand on social media platforms is what makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

To make sure your audience is connected with your brand consistently, it is important, you create engaging content.

Creating quality content is not a child’s play. It comes with a lot of research, creativity, hard work, and consistency.

“Engaging content” means your content is appealing to the eye of the audience; it interests them and grasps their attention and makes them want to know more about your brand after looking at your content.

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It is how your target audience connects with the content at that specific time, which helps them on all entertaining and emotional levels.

And that is precisely what you need to do as a brand to make your content marketing more effective.

Here are a few things that can help you achieve your goal of making your online content more interesting, educative, and engaging for your audience.

1. Know the purpose

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Social media is best viewed as a distribution platform for thoughts, ideas, and messaging. It is a means of instantly connecting with other people across the globe through technology that easily fits in the palm of your hand. So, before you go using social media, you must first know why you are using social media — what thoughts, ideas, and messages are you trying to convey? The most authentic, unique, and valuable thing you can share with your audience is you and your life purpose. Instead of answering the question of why you are on social media, start by answering the question of why you are at all — what is your life purpose?

2. Know Your Audience

Being a business owner in this technology-driven era gives you a chance to know your audience better.

Having a social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter help you as an entrepreneur, writer, or blogger, allowing you to interact with your audience at a more direct level and know their interests better.

You can talk to them directly by replying to their comments and posting content that would increase their engagement under your posts. And to know what interests them, you might want to share content that is more relatable to them where they can relate to it and then engage in your social media posts.

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3. Take money out of the equation.

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If your sole purpose for being on social media is to make money, audiences will see right through any message you are delivering. To truly be authentic, you have to first develop your presence on social media without focusing at all on monetization. Also, money is a means to an end — it is not an end itself. Money is a resource, in which the value and benefit are derived from its application.

4. Understand your modes of expression.

Often overlooked is the distinction between content creation and creative expression. Content creation is the process of creating images and photos to post on social media. Creative expression is how you communicate your original ideas of value, including who you are. If you are an artist, you may express yourself truths through painting, sculpting, making music, writing, dancing, acting, photography, video, or some other form of artistic expression. If you are an entrepreneur, your life truths are embodied in the businesses and brands you create. In addition to what you do professionally and artistically, you also express your life truths through how you live your life and your life priorities. Some examples of life priorities and activities include fitness, beauty, fashion, cooking, interior design, organization, essentialism or minimalism, gardening, and parenting. All of these are an expression of who you are.

5. Turn your creative expression into the content

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Creating content is about capturing moments of creative expression in the form of images and videos. Generally, the form of content you produce will depend on which digital platforms you decide to use. For example, if you are using Instagram, then you will be creating photos and videos and adding some relevant copy or caption. The copy that accompanies your photo or video is where you will typically explain the specific truth. The goal is to create content that captures your creative expression of a particular truth within a particular theme. By starting with your purpose and capturing yourself expressing personal truths, the result is guaranteed to be authentic.

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6. Trust the process

Your goal in creating content should be to fulfill your life purpose by distributing your truths to the broadest possible audience. That’s what social media is — a distribution platform for your message. If you effectively communicate your message, then those who receive it and need it will listen and follow you. Over time, you will build an audience that is genuinely interested in what you have to say and stand for. This is an audience that will be engaged in the conversation, and this is the audience that will most likely buy whatever it is you ultimately have to sell when it comes to transforming your message and purpose into some commercial form. It’s a funny thing about money: When you take your eye off of it as a goal and instead focus on conveying your true authentic value, you end up in a position to make the most money possible. Authenticity is key, but it cannot be manufactured. It must simply be revealed.

7. Tell A Story

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The best way to connect with your ideal consumers is to share content and stories that would be more authentic.

Customers like to hear more real stories and how your product or your business helped somebody make their life easier.

You can even share stories about how you started the business or your blog. This is a great way to attract your customers emotionally as they would trust the stories as they appear more personal.

Sharing real experiences of past customers or even employees could help you maintain a real customer base.

8. Create Content That’s Valuable To Your Customer

Being a brand that wants to increase its engagement, you need to create content that is valuable not only to you as a business, but also to your viewers. Your target audience will eventually become your potential buyers.

Therefore, to keep them engaged with your content, you need to add value to what you are advertising, whether through the graphics, a live video, or even a meme.

When a customer visit your social media page, they should be able to see content that is worth their time or their interest. If it is something that is very general or won’t be very helpful for any page visitor, there are chances they won’t be coming back.

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9. Recycle Your quality Content into Graphics

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People remember visual information 65% longer than text.

To take advantage of this, repurpose your best pieces of quality content into infographics, charts, graphs, and social media images.

10. Connect With Your Audience Emotionally

The best way to connect with your audience is to relate with their emotions and understand what they go through or share an emotion of yours as a business to help them understand how they can overcome whatever emotional pathway they are going through.

Emotions can play a vital role in making your audience believe in you as a business, and therefore this is exactly what you need to utilize.

Create content that your audience can relate to emotionally and feel satisfied after reading your content. This will leave your brand’s positive impact and make them follow you on all social media.

Finally, be original. Today, it’s tough to produce content that’s 100% unique.

There is probably someone else out there who is talking about the same thing, took a similar photo, or conducted similar research.

How can you overcome this?

You can still write about a topic that’s been previously discussed. But don’t write it the same way everyone else has. Add your unique voice and spin to the message.

Share your personal experiences.



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