Tips For Increasing Your Social Media Engagement

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Tips For Increasing Your Social Media Engagement

– Social Media engagement ideas


Without engagement, social media will be just a media. 

Social media engagement is how people interact with your social media accounts and contents.

 The term, “social media” covers a broad range of actions across all social platforms. 

For example, engagement includes the following:

– Likes and Favorites

– Tags 

– Comments, DMs, Replies

– Shares and Retweets



– Mentions

Social media engagement is the measurement of comments, likes, and shares.

 I know you want to rack up your followers, likes or comments but ultimately, the greatest measure of social media success is the right engaged audience, not just a big one.

You should always look out for a quality audience, not just a quantity audience.

Engagement is a great way to measure whether the content you’re creating is actually engaging with your audience. 

The four most popular social media sites today are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

 Each platform has its own mechanisms for users to express appreciation for individual posts and posters, which are measured differently across each platform:

Twitter: Tweet, re-tweets and followers

Facebook: Comment, shares, likes and followers

Instagram: Likes, comment and followers

Linkedin: Likes, comment and followers

Posts can be shared for many reasons, however, not all of them are for good reasons. 

Social media engagement can only be as positive as the reputation it generates: going viral over a poorly clout chasing, call-out, thought-out tweet can cause bad publicity. 

  Here Are the Examples of Social Media Engagement Ideas:


  1. Create a daily, weekly, and monthly program 


Start a program where you have the opportunity to interact with your fans and followers on a regular basis. By dashing out relevant contents, you can build a habit among your audience to look forward to seeing that specific content or program from your brand.

  1. Run a contest or giveaway
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People hardly resist the power of “free gifts or things”

If you have money, running the occasional contest or giveaway is one of the most impactful social media ideas when it comes to massive engagement from followers.

  1. Conduct a social media takeover

This means letting someone else take over your account.

Takeovers put the reigns of your social accounts in someone else’s hands, usually for a period of 24 hours.

Handing off your social presence to an influencer or celebrity with a massive, and active audience is a great way to get your brand in front of some new faces, as well as inject a new voice into your account if you feel you’re running short on social media post ideas.

The celebrity will make a post on his or her own account, telling the audience that he or she would be handling your account. 

  1. Share, pin, retweet & regram

Don’t be afraid to tell your fans and followers to share, like, retweet & regram.

  1. Support Others

 Remember, not all of the contents on your social feed has to be your own. Promote other relevant brands, articles and photos from your followers. This is a great content idea that shows that you’re part of your industry. 

  1. Repurpose your content

For every post you write or video you shoot, you should consider additional ideas for promoting it on social media beyond its original format. 

For example, you can pull a quote from your content and repurpose it into a share-friendly image via Canva app.

  1. Go live 

This is simple but a bit different for shy people.

 Your fans and followers will like to watch you speak, answer questions and educate them. 

  1. Team up with another brand

 Two brands can team up on a campaign or piece of content such as an event, webinar, ebook or even a special promotion. Each company gets exposure to the other’s audience.

  1. Tutorials 
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 Make articles to break down step-by-step instructions on how to do things such as cooking, designing, etc. 

You can produce videos of mouth-watering recipes which are broken down into actionable steps. Each video should be short and to the point, while remaining comprehensive.

  1. Share a milestone

As a brand, you should be willing to celebrate your success and victory stories with your fans and followers

  1. Give customers or top fans the spotlight

One of better ways to show your fans or customers that you appreciate them is by giving them a shout-out

  1. Conduct an interview – Conducting an alternative Q&A session.
  1. Make a meme

You shouldn’t be afraid to show off their sense of humor.

 Marketing with memes isn’t for everyone. 

Social media is indeed a breeding ground for humorous images and satire.

  1. Take advantage of trending topics

 Take advantage of trending topics on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to grow your audience and engagement. 

  1. Ask followers to tag a friend

Get more eyes on your profile by mere act of asking your followers to tag their friends.

Tag-a-friend posts are all the rage as they encourage responses from your followers and bring new potential followers into the fold.  

  1. Poll your audience

On social media, people love to share their opinions, both good and bad. 

  1. Respond to your followers

Expanding on the concept of social media as a conversation, you should always be willing to interact, reply to your followers on their comments. Your audience’s time is incredibly valuable and taking the time to respond shows that you care.

  1. Show your brand doing well 

Participate in different courses, programs, conferences or events and post photos on social media to let your fans know that you care.

  1. Behind the scene posts
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Your audience will love to know what goes behind the scenes in your brand.

 For e.g. a video sharing the process of how something is actually built is a great way of creating engagement. 

  1. Tips & Advice

You can share inspiring or motivating tips or advice that your followers might find useful.

  1. Post a challenge

Challenge your followers to participate in a challenge. People love a challenge, especially when everyone else is doing it.

  1. Post job opportunities 

 Help bring job opportunities to their views. They would appreciate it. 

  1. Fan of the week

Reward a fan every week from the audience based either on his or level of engagement or some amazing achievement he or she made that week.

  1. “This Day in History”

Find out an interesting thing that happened on each particular day in history and share it with your followers on social media. Use Google to find out. 

  1. Use your hashtags

Identify the hashtags that are related to your brand or posts and use them when possible.

  1. Appreciate your fans

Tell them they are amazing! 

“Thank you all for being my amazing followers or customers”.

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