31 Best Sites To Make Money Online

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31 Best Sites To Make Money Online
31 Best Sites To Make Money Online
31 Best Sites To Make Money Online

Best Sites To Make Money Online: Making money has become easier with the internet. You can stay in your home anywhere in the world and make huge  money online every month from different websites. There are many online money-making websites that offer different opportunities to make money online. In this article, I will reveal the top sites to make money online.

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Here are the best websites to make money online. 


1. Freelancer

With the growth of the internet and a continued need for content, more and more content writers are getting jobs to do from home. People have started small as they gain skills and respect from clients in various freelance writing sites.


2. Freecash

Freecash is the fastest growing website to make money online. 

You can earn money on filling out surveys, completing tasks, sing-ups or playing games. It’s real fun and you can get money with it.

You can withdraw your money through PayPal, crypto like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Doge and Gift Cards (Amazon, Steam, Google Play, Netflix, Spotify, Zalando, Play Station, Xbox and many others) instantly. 

They also offer several other withdrawal methods like buying skins to the most popular games like CS: GO, Fortnite, LoL or Valorant.

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3. Upwork

If you can get 2 to 4 hours a day, then this is a good place to start. There are writing jobs and virtual assistant jobs among others.

With the pay ranging from $5 to about $20 an hour, this online job suits anyone with a skill that may be required by an organization.

Imagine any job from content writing, human resource, accounting, bookkeeping, handling phones, replying to emails and order processing among much more.

The skill you require is whatever it is you are doing or is good at right now. If you are a marketer, then your skills can fetch you some money from home.


4. Shopify

Shopify is a SaaS (software as a service). It is an e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create their online stores.

A monthly fee gives you access to an admin panel where you can enter store data, add products, and process orders, plus you can choose from a rich selection of free and purchase design templates.

There is a smart way to do eCommerce without having a product, without taking care of the delivery, and even without ever touching the product yourself. This is called Dropshipping.

Dropshipping is the act of being an intermediary between a supplier and a customer.

You find a product from a supplier, and you find customers who buy that product from you for more than the supplier’s price.

You earn the margin between the customer’s selling price and the supplier’s purchase price of the product, and Shopify will help just to do that.

To make money with dropshipping you first need to set up an online store with Shopify.

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5. Printful

Printful is a print-on-demand service and online app that integrates with your online shop to produce print products for your customers.

Printful operates by giving you a complete design platform to design products like apparel, accessories, and homeware. You can produce rapid designs on the Printful platform or import designs that you or someone else has made.

Printful, after that, syncs with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. Letting you drive new Printful products to your e-commerce business and sell them to buyers. 

Printful handles everything, from printing to stocking raw materials, from shipping to returns. This means that you just have to create a website and market the customized products to your customers.

When a sale is made, it is sent to Printful to start printing. Printful then packages the product and ships it to your client.

Therefore, Printful is a mix of a print-on-demand service and a drop-shipping service, as storage, packaging, and shipping are all done by Printful, a great way to make money online legit. 


6. SwagBucks

This site is known for paying online workers in virtual currency that can be exchanged for e-gifts from participating merchants. All you have to do is review videos and earn.

There is not much skill required for this except for your analytical mind in conducting reviews.

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7. Binance

Did you know that there is a more efficient, securer, and more effortless way to generate earnings from cryptocurrencies?

There are many methods to make money with crypto, but one of the most painless ways is to utilize the Binance P2P product in tandem with Binance Earn.

Binance P2P lets users buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly with different users, while Binance Earn permits new and professional crypto users to efficiently earn money from their current crypto assets.

There are numerous forms to generate passive earnings with Binance Earn, from savings products with flexible, locked-in terms to better-refined products including DeFi staking, Automated Market Makers (AMMs), and more.

Binance users can transmit crypto investments from Binance Earn to Binance P2P and effortlessly trade their crypto assets in exchange for their best local currency.

  • Flexible savings: This method involves acquiring interest bonuses only for keeping funds in a portfolio. If the user unexpectedly changes their opinion, they can withdraw the deposit at any time. Not a bad alternative if you have a temporarily unused portion of the money.
  • Locked-in savings: This method is similar to flexible savings but varies by offering a higher interest rate and restricted access to frozen assets. In this case, the funds are stopped for a specific period, normally 7 to 90 days, during which the funds will not be obtainable for use.
  • Activities: These are occasions and offers good for a fixed time. They are often more thriving than holding blocked savings but demand users to protect them so they don’t miss the opportunity.
  • Staking locked: This method is equivalent to Locked Savings but offers rewards in exchange for crypto staking. Staking certain coins offers more flexibility in managing staked cryptos, as sealed staking frees users’ funds after 48-72 hours. 
  • Launch pool: This is a platform for mining fresh tokens that are launched on the deal. Users can dispatch their funds to the pool to mine a new token, thereby financing their launch. Invested assets are blocked, but users do not lose authority and can take them at any time.
  • Double investment: This method lets users be exposed to two coins, in exchange for a very high return in a short time. Users have the opportunity of picking the desired strike price, APY, and deposit period. The return will be in one currency or another, depending on the circumstances.
  • Binance Liquid Exchange: This tool allows users to become an Automated Market Maker (AMM) by depositing tokens, hence providing liquidity and obtaining interest on the token exchange.
  • BNB safe: A secure and hassle-free tool for users who don’t like to go via the intricacies of defining crypto-asset strategies. This aggregator connects all the techniques described above to develop income. 
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8. M-Turk

On this site, you can easily get something to do and get paid online. These can be any task that computers cannot do.

There is no prepayment to sign into these sites and some people have managed to make a decent income working online. You get paid in Amazon credits or have the cash sent to your bank account.

The experience required vary with the job, but whatever it is you are good at, there is always something for you to do.

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9. ClickBank

ClickBank is an online retailer that harnesses the power of digital marketing with six million products worldwide to 200 million customers.

With its affiliate program, affiliates can promote vendor products from ClickBank’s Marketplace, by generating a HopLink and earn up to 75% in commissions.

The platform features a tracking system that is reliable and commissions are made on time, creating an environment of quality, workability and suitability.

This demonstrates a win-win situation for the vendor, affiliate and client.

So, if you’re looking for reliable affiliate websites to make money, this one actually gives the rest a good run for their money.


10. Hubpages

Another site that requires content writers who can produce good content. Depending on your level, you can make up to several hundred dollars each month right from home and you don’t have to part with a penny.

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11. Zirtual

Zirtual is you putting your instinctive administrative skills to use in the best way possible.

As a virtual assistant, you can work remotely and take care of tasks that clients don’t have time to manage, such as scheduling meetings, paying bills, booking travel etc.

Often, finding such websites to make money provide lesser incentives for work–though through Zirtual, you can earn from $12-$15 per hour as a beginner and make thousands per month.


12. Teachable

This site’s audience are people seeking to learn something new. If you can create an online course and have the skill to see it through, this is one of the sites to help you make money doing it.

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13. ShareASale

ShareASale is also a reliable and well paid affiliate marketing platform which is beneficial for both merchants and affiliates with heaps of commission as a bonus.

This website gives ordinary people an extraordinary way to earn income, in the easiest way possible.

Through a large number of affiliates and their product reviews, an extensive range of readers can be reached, which automatically increases sales.

Once a sale is made, commissions are earned either through leads or sales. These commissions start at 10% or more, but can be negotiable between both parties.

Often when you go as an affiliate on websites to make money, the commission can be excruciatingly low, which in turn can lead to low conversions.


14. Udemy

Another site where you can sell your expertise and share the information you have and make money doing it.

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15. ACX

ACX is a great place where  authors,  publishers, and other Rights Holders can interface with Producers,  narrators and recording studios who can  produce finished audiobooks. 

Here you can make money as a narrator . As long as you can read and speak , you are fine to start making some money.

Choose from an unlimited number of potential acting gigs through ACX, and the audiobooks you make will be available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

It takes just 7 easy steps in enrol:

Create a Profile

  • Upload Samples :  you can mention unlimited samples in your Profile, taking into account your accents, genre, and style…etc.
  • Tell them how you want to get paid.
  • Look  for books you are interested in narrating. 
  • Accept the Offer from authors. 
  • Start Recording your way. 
  • Get Paid one done/accepted. 
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16. InboxDollars

With no formal skills, you can join in the surveys and earn some cash. Participating companies pay a lot of money in reward.

Earn by watching videos and making purchases on their sites. And the good news is when you sign up they give you a bonus of $5 even before you start the surveys.

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17. Validately

Validately  is one of the genuine online money earning sites. You’ll be asked to complete a number of tasks, speak your ideas and opinions aloud, and answer a few questions that reference your opinion  on a website or app.

Tests are available on a daily basis. Not everyone or tester would match the criteria for all the  tests so you will be emailed about available tests less frequently.

What you need: 

  • You need a computer with a microphone. 
  • You need to use Google Chrome. 
  • You need to have a good internet speed connection. 
  • You need to be at least 18 years. 
  • You need to be able to communicate English. 
  • You need to have a PayPal account. 


18. Harris Poll

The site, run by Nielsen company, is great for surveys that pay good money. They also send you alerts when there are local focus groups in your location where you can share opinions.

There are no skill requirements for this online job and you can start making money anytime with this online opportunity.

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19. Flippa

While flipping websites and domains can take a great amount of effort to do correctly, it is not that hard and can be pretty profitable. Have you given this a try?

The last few years have shown examples of domain names, websites, and even apps’ sales at record prices, so much so that the Internet has become an essential communication platform. 


20. Commission Junction

Those who want to earn from affiliate opportunities have a chance to make as much as they wish in commissions. There are so many merchants seeking ways to sell more of their products and affiliates have proven to be an effective solution.

By promoting other products, you can get paid commissions of up to 20%.

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21. Amazon

Amazon is the # 1 online store and is visited by millions of potential buyers every month. In 2020, Amazon collected $3.86 billion in wealth—over 1/5 of which was fueled by third-party businesses.

In other words, this is a huge opportunity to do business and earn a living.

Many smart guys like you have already understood this and have already made Amazon a main source of income.

There are many excellent ways to earn money on Amazon, such as affiliation, dropshipping, selling products, or offering private services. 

  1. Merch by Amazon
  1. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  1. Join Amazon Affiliate
  1. Dropshipping with FBM
  1. Amazon: Kindle ebooks
  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk
  1. Selling Apps

Amazon continues to add different methods to make cash on their platform, indicating that there is likely something possible for anyone desiring to make a little extra cash.


22. Prize Rebel


With over 7.5 million members, Prize Rebel is a trusted survey website. They work with the biggest global market research companies. So, they have surveys all the time.

They offer payment through PayPal and direct bank payment. You can also choose to cash your money as Gift Cards.

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23. Flexjobs

In this website, you can find the best remote and flexible jobs — part-time to full-time, entry-level to executive, in 50+ categories and 40,000. 

From writing to insurance, transcription to telemarketing, data entry to project management, translation to wildlife, everyone is bound to find a category they can excel in.


24. Etsy

Are you creative or do you have an inspiring hand in the design?

If you can create something unique, you can start your own small business by selling your designs on Etsy Site.

If you haven’t heard of Etsy, this is an online marketplace specifically designed to sell “unique items and products”, which are handcrafted (no less than 20 years old) as well as various craft supplies.

The site has more than 1.7 million active merchants and 28.6 million active buyers, so there’s a potential audience there if you can create something that you recognize people will want there.

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25. Fiverr


This list will be incomplete without mentioning Fiverr. Payments start at $5 and the category of jobs is just infinite. Every job you list on this website is called a gig.

You can invent your own gig, choose a category, and start making money when someone purchases it. You don’t have to fit the group, just be innovative.


26. Uber Driving

You may even have used the app to take a tour. If you own a car, why not use the app to earn money driving people to their shortest destinations.

As an uber-driver, you work when you want. Downloading the app is free. You won’t need to open the Uber app until you’re ready to go.

New drivers are guaranteed to win promotions. You can also be rewarded with substantial bonuses for working specific hours, and your client can also tip you well.

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To maximize your profits when working with Uber, understand your local market, drive the right vehicle, and know specific areas to expect customers.

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27. Servicescape

Similar to Freelancer, Servicescape is a platform where clients list the projects they want to be completed. Writing, translation, editing and graphic translation are some of the major categories they offer.

If you find a project that matches your skills, you can bid for it. If you win the bid, you get to do the project and get paid for it. You can choose your own price, to complete the project.


28. Just Answer

JustAnswer is an online paid question-and-answer service that connects users with professionals in different subjects.

Once you’re connected with a specialist, you can ask a question and get a typed response. For an extra fee, you can speak with a specialist on the phone.

For its millions of users worldwide, JustAnswer is where they can seek masterful support and guidance in Taxes, financial issues, Law, Mechanics, Medicine, Veterinary medicine, Electrical work, Plumbing, Electronics, Phones, Computers, software, Home improvement, and Appraisals. 


29. Clickworker

Clickworker has big clients all over the world. There is a big pool of microtasks from which you can pick one and start doing right away.

When they get a project from a client, they break it down into small microtasks that can be completed by many people simultaneously. Then, they merge the results of the quality-controlled microtasks and deliver the completed project to the clients.

These are just a few of the easy ways to make money working online without having to pay anything. The internet is full of scammy sites that will ask you for money before you start work. Some are real, while others will just take your money and leave you with no real work to earn from.

Almost every skill set is important. Everyone has something to do online and their skill requirements range from basic to professional meaning everyone can make money online.

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30. Make Money With Tiktok

To make money with TikTok you have to create an account, place videos that become popular, get a lot of followers and get them to give you gifts using virtual currency so that you can exchange them for diamonds and finally money. Easy, right?

The first thing you need to do is to create an account, add good videos and generate a large community of fans and followers. Afterwards, you will have to use the app’s gift program, also called Diamond Program.

On the app users can buy coins with real money using payment methods allowed by Google and Apple. These coins are redeemable for different virtual gifts with varying prices.

The value of diamonds may vary according to the criterion of ByteDance, the company responsible for TikTok, which uses several parameters for its calculation. The amount of diamonds a user has is visible on his profile and he can convert them directly from this page into US dollars, which he will receive through PayPal or other similar services.

This opportunity to earn money is what has increased the number of Musers, the name by which former Musical.ly users are known who use the platform to generate viral content that allows them to earn the money.

Other indirect options to earn money are through using the profile as a showcase for commercial brands, or even your own brand or company. Brands, aware of how this platform works, are starting to look for good creators for their marketing.

With the Influencer Agency, offer your account and put it at the service of brands. The Influencer Agency offers your profile for targeted campaigns and pays you for each mission.

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31. YouTube

YouTube is one of the leading websites on the internet. It is almost impossible to be on the internet and not know YouTube. The website is known for video sharing. While a lot of people use the platform to watch their favourite music videos and shows, YouTube is also a leading online money making website.

You can make a good income on YouTube by uploading videos and getting views. You also get to build a brand for yourself and become famous.





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