Earn $1000 Online as A Freelancer With No Skills

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Earn $1000 Online as A Freelancer With No Skills
Earn $1000 Online as A Freelancer With No Skills

Earn $1000 Online as A Freelancer With No Skills – Becoming a Freelancer gives you an incredible opportunity to control the way you work. As a freelancer, you have the freedom to work from anywhere, at any time. Appealing perks like these are leading to the growth of the freelancing industry.

But how do you get started as a freelancer?

If you want to take the first step towards becoming a freelancer but aren’t sure how to begin, in this class, I will discuss steps to becoming a freelancer and earning $100 – $1,000 or more .

People (Clients) are looking for professional freelancers to solve their problems across almost every industry, job, and skill set. Regardless of your occupation, a client is looking for a freelancer like you to solve their problem.

Every student, career beginner, seasoned professional, and industry veteran who are looking to make some attractive extra income are all welcome to begin a freelance business.

If you are just hearing about a freelance business, or you are still in the dark with respect to what one is, in this class, I am going to be introducing you to the freelance world; and how to start a freelance career with little or no money.

Freelancers with skills and expertise work and serve clients within their domestic locale, with freelancing, the world is your canvas. With freelancing, you offer your skills to a worldwide network of clients.

A freelancer is an individual who offers professional services to different clients, working on a contract basis. Similar to the self-employed or contractors, the difference in freelancing though, is most engagement between the client and the freelancer occurs on the internet.

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This means that if you want to appreciate how large the freelance economy is, and the opportunities available, you can browse with keywords like freelance jobs online for beginners, freelance websites, freelance jobs, etc.; and embrace the immensity of the freelance world.

The next question on your mind would be, “how do I start a successful freelance business i.e. one preferably with little or no money?”

Offering a professional freelance business requires you to have the following:

– A good smartphone 

– A personal good computer or laptop

– Access to the internet  

– A good working environment 

– Basic computer skills i.e. basic computer operations, Microsoft Office, use of the internet etc.

If you don’t have access to the above, you can begin by visiting a café close to you, to make use of their internet facilities. This would mean you slugging it day after day, until you possess your private phone, computer and internet bundle.

Become a freelancer. Sell your skills at Freelancers, Up work and fiverr platforms.

You get paid for your services. They pay you in dollars for rendering your skills.

Some of the freelancing marketplaces.




Here is how to become a freelancer.

1. Make your decision

Every successful freelancer needs to start by defining their ultimate goal. Take some time to make a plan on how to become a freelancer. Whether it is to achieve a particular lifestyle or earn extra income, your “plan” is what will keep you going when times are challenging.

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2. Select your niche(s)

Though the freelance world can be an exciting environment, due to the avalanche of gigs or jobs available, you would want to select a niche or a number of niches, so you would be seen as an expert in these niches. Freelance jobs typically involve programming, web design, web development, social media strategy, database management, marketing via online platforms, graphic skills and others.

If you exhibit proficiency in English, possess fluent writing skills, as well as some familiarity with the Microsoft Office applications, you can be certain that there would be gigs for you.

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3. Select available platforms:

There are several freelance marketplaces in which you can showcase your skills, search for opportunities in your niches, and engage with prospective clients.

A list of these are below:






There are also several marketplaces dedicated to the offering of a unique set of skills.

Who remembered what I said in my recent post about freelancing and skill?

I said you don’t have to have a skill before you become a freelancer on these marketplaces.

I will be listing 20 Simple Freelancing Gigs anyone can do (No Skills Required) + more than 20 Free tools that can guide you.

I present to you 20 Simple ways to make money on freelancing gigs with no skill, + a whopping 20+ free tools to help you achieve the goal!

All of these, you don’t need to have any technical experience or skills to do them.


Gig #1: Background removal

Free tools :

– Background removal 

– Burner Bonanza: Remove an image’s background in a couple of clicks!

– Inshot

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Gig #2: Digital Presentation Design (i.e. PowerPoint)

Free tools:

Google Slides: Create free PowerPoint-esque presentations online and save them to Google’s free cloud-based servers!

Slides Carnival (website): Get free (Google) slideshow templates here!

Gig #3: Branding Services. Get business or brand name ideas for free. 

Free tools:

Namelix: Website that generates business name ideas for free!

Business Name Generator: This is similar to the previous website!

Gig #4: Transcription

Free tool:

Google Docs: This free Google software comes conveniently with voice-to-text functionality!

You can simply record yourself while you listen to what is being spoken in the video to voice-type!

Gig #5: YouTube Intro or Outro Clips

Free tool:

Panzoid: Free online video editor complete with a library of templates (some do require attribution so be careful)!

Gig #6: Ebook editing and file conversion

Free tool:

Calibre: Free, easy-to-use software that allows for customising and converting ebook file types!

Gig #7: Subtitling

Free tool:

YouTube (yep, it can generate downloadable subtitles automatically!)

Gig #8: Short Video Ads

Free tools:

Videezy: Get royalty-free video clips that you can freely use for your ads!

HitFilm Express: Free, fairly robust video editor.

Gig #9: Travel Advice and Planning. 

Free tools:

Google Travel: Get ideas for travel itineraries and tourist destinations!

Google My Maps: Not to be confused with Google Maps, you can use this tool to plan routes and itineraries for your clients!

Gig #10: Social Media Ads and/Or Posts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

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Free tools:

Canva: Free online software for very easy graphic design that comes with tons of free images and templates!

Crello: Very similar to Canva (they are competitors)!

Gig #11: Virtual Assistant

Gig #12: Promoting (Any) freelance Gigs as an Affiliate marketer!

Gig #13: Beta reading


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Gig #14: Usability tests (of softwares, websites, apps, games, etc.)

Free tool:

Obs Studio.

Gig #15: Data entry

Free tool:

Google Sheets: Yet another free Google software, designed for data entry (like Microsoft Excel)


Gig #16: Photo Retouching

Free tools:

Makeup.pho.to: A very simple tool for retouching photos.

Photopea: Free and powerful online graphic designer (similar to Adobe Photoshop)

Gig #17: Email management, Booking/Phone calls

Gig #18: Distributing and Posting Physical Flyers

Gig #19: Random Greetings and Videos (comedic)

Gig #20: Impersonations

Free tool:

Voicemod : Voice changer software (freemium)!

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Here are skills you can offer as a freelancer.

1. Business Plan Writing

2. Website Design

3. Virtual Assistant

4. SEO and Website Speed Optimization

5. Legal Services

6. Digital Marketing

7. Video Marketing and Explainer Video

9. Financial Consulting

10. User experience design

11. App development

12. Shopify development

13. English proofreading

14. SEO/Content writing

15. Photography

16. Animation

17. Virtual assistant

18. Lead generation

19. Data mining

20. Social media marketing

21. Video editing

22. WordPress development

23. AngularJS development

24. Java development

25. Voice talent

26. Accounting

27. Android development

28. iOS development

30. Electrical engineer

31. Data visualization

32. 3D design

4. Prepare a portfolio

As a beginner, you might not have a portfolio. However, you are going to need one, so you can display these to a potential client.

Depending on the niche(s) you’ve picked, you can create some samples, in anticipation of a client’s request. As an example, if your niche is digital marketing, you can write out a simple working aspect that solves an interesting problem. If the niche is writing, get some writing done on subjects and interests that appeal to you. If you would like to offer web design and development, you would definitely want to show a client, samples of websites you’ve built – even if these are offline.

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5. Sharpen your skills

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At the onset, it is possible that one of the activities you are going to be engaging in, is scripting proposals to clients to indicate your interest in their job postings.

This would require some good writing skills, as you might be bidding against other freelancers in different parts of the world, some who might have commenced freelancing ahead of you.

Your proposals should be tailored to each client’s unique requirements. In the course of writing, always aim to showcase to the client that you possess the expertise to get the job done, and you can get it done timely. Write politely, courteously and professionally, modifying your proposal to present you in the best possible light, to the client, that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

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Don’t forget to include your portfolio also!

6. Set your rates

Before you decide to input $100 or $1,000 an hour, you should take an objective look at the freelancing environment and the competition!

You might have an idea of what you would want to earn during a set period, you might want to exhibit a little patience until you have completely tested the waters, and you know what the ongoing rates in your niche are.

It wouldn’t make sense to price yourself out of a job, when you haven’t built credibility in the freelance economy yet. There are several guides online that should help. You can browse freelance rates for Proofreading, writing, designing, programming, freelance writing rates, freelance graphic design rates, etc., and see what you come up with.

Then as your confidence rises, you acquire great feedback and you know you can offer premium services, in addition to other in-demand skills, you can raise your rates.

See Video On To Create Account On Freelancer 

7. Earn – Get Paid!

Freelance marketplaces do offer payment platforms to ensure that you get paid for work done. So, when you’ve successfully completed the hourly contract or a fixed contract (you are going to get acquainted with these when you select a freelance platform), the next question then is, “How do you receive your earnings?”

Most freelance marketplaces offer the option of direct-to-withdrawal bank account, online payments platforms such as PayPal, Payoneer, etc. I have posts on www.adaezeucblog.com where you can create accounts with the above payment platforms.

As a result of the different options offered by these payment channels, the most convenient presently, would be Payoneer. All you have to do is send in an application via the Payoneer website. Your identity would be validated. On the completion of the required assessment, a free Payoneer debit card would be sent to you.

Once you’ve connected your Payoneer account to your freelance account, you can withdraw your earnings to the Payoneer card, and make physical withdrawals at any Mastercard accepted location, worldwide.

Note: You mustn’t do all the skills i listed. Pick one, learn, practice till you are good to go. You mustn’t be a professional.



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