Cheapest Way To Write And Publish A Book

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Cheapest Way To Write And Publish A Book
 Cheapest Way To Write And Publish A Book
Cheapest Way To Write And Publish A Book

Cheapest Way To Write And Publish A Book (Book Writing And Publishing) Learn how to write, proofread, edit, format, publish and promote your eBook on Amazon and Selar Platform.

I will teach you a simple process of turning your ideas into a book available for sale on Amazon, Selar or your website. You can become a published author and enjoy the benefits of your knowledge in much less time than you think.

In this class, I will take you down the following easy steps:

What you’ll learn.

You will learn:

  • Reasons To Write A Book
  • Types of Writing Styles
  • The Kind of Content That SELLS
  • How To Choose Your Idea And Build An Outline
  • How To Establish Credibility In Your Work
  • How To Write Your Book In A Day (The Fastest Way Possible)
  • How To Proofread, Edit And Format Your Book
  • Ebook Design Strategy
  • How To Create an Amazon KDP and Selar account
  • How to Set Up an Online Payment Form
  • How To Format Your eBook for publishing
  • How To Add your eBook Details
  • How To Choose keywords And Categories
  • How To Upload your eBook Files
  • How To Publish your eBook
  • How to Create an eBook promotion plan
  • How To Promote Your Book and More…

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Uchechukwu Juliet.

Send proof of payment to 08027842280.


Why should you sign up for this course?

If you want to learn how self-publishing , I’m here to help you, teach you and advice you on how to go through the self-publishing process. I will guide you on the best options for your work, right from drafting ideas, proofreading, editing, choosing a title, writing an intriguing description, choosing the best cover design, and the final product, which is a published ebook or print book. I will show you how to self-publish and list your book for sale on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback), SELAR and your blog or website. I will tell you what mistakes avoid throughout the publishing process.

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During the course, we will publish your first book together, and I will also teach you everything I’m doing, so that you can do it yourself in future.

You can invest in my self-publishing course and you will be able to publish all of your books independently, and earn your royalties without having to give up your rights. You will be able to keep control over your work and your income.

This course is particularly suitable for writers who wish to publish more than one book in the near future. If you’ve got several manuscripts or you’re writing a series, and you need more than a one-off publishing package, I recommend this Self Publishing Course for you.

Once you have your manuscript completed, the next step is preparing it for publication and choosing the right publishing option for your book.

This course will guide you through every part of the publishing process so that you can have a book that looks just as professional as you are. To me, it’s not just a book. It’s your legacy. Let’s make sure your book is done right.

If you’re a writer, a dreamer, or anyone with something important to say, you’ve probably thought about writing and publishing a book. But while writing a book is a huge achievement in and of itself, getting it in front of readers is another matter — and figuring out how to publish a book can present a real challenge for first-timers!

In this course, you’ll find concrete tips, publishing tools, and all the professional guidance you’ll need to get your book out into the world.

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