Business Ideas – Work Smart, Not Hard

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Business Ideas - Work Smart, Not Hard
Business Ideas - Work Smart, Not Hard
Business Ideas – Work Smart, Not Hard

Business Ideas – Work Smart, not Hard means having a clear strategy to prioritise your most important activities so you end each productive day satisfied rather than sad, overcommitted, depressed, and overworked.

To work smart, not hard – It’s very important to set measurable goals to achieve.  When you are clear on your goals, you can identify your most important activities and prioritise them effectively.

The key to greater productivity and bigger results is to work smart, not hard.

In this article, I have carefully outlined 12 profitable digital business ideas that might interest you. They require little effort or capital, and you would have your business running successfully in no time.

Let’s take a look.

1. Social Media Management

Most entrepreneurs are too busy handling essential aspects of their businesses to dedicate time for their brand online.

So, they are constantly on the lookout for social media gurus who can help them build a solid online presence, manage their communities, and boost their sales with relevant content creation and social media strategies.

Therefore, you could make a fortune off this skill if you know your onions. Social media and online marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, Medium, Facebook, Instagram etc are also suitable platforms to pitch your services.

Furthermore, it would be best if you considered working for free as a beginner to build your portfolio, after which you can pitch directly to organizations that may need your services. And you can take on as many organizations as you can to increase your earnings.

2. SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is a way of helping organizations rank high on search engine result pages like Google, Bing, etc., to increase their website traffic, leads, and ultimately sales.

It is fast becoming a complex field, yet the demand for it is ever-increasing. As such, there is a need for individuals who are skilful SEO experts.

There are several free online courses on SEO which you can learn from, including YouTube. Furthermore, you could pay an expert to train you.

3.  Graphics Designing

This is one of the digital business ideas that never runs out of demand, thanks to smartphones and personal computers. Graphic designing is all about creating visual content that is aesthetically pleasing and also is used to communicate messages.

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When it comes to graphic designing, the opportunities are endless, as there are several niches involved ranging from

– Logo designs
– Book covers
– Website design templates
– T-shirt designs
– Banner creatives
– Business cards design, etc.

With the basic knowledge of operating complex design tools like photoshop, you can start and run a successful graphic design business. You could also take advantage of some design platforms with already-existing templates like ‘Canva’.

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4. Article Writing

Article writing is also a very profitable digital business idea to venture into, especially if you are skilful with words.

However, being skilful with words may not be enough; you should learn the nitty-gritty of article writing and continue to hone your writing skills.

5. Proofreading

Proofreaders play a crucial role in content marketing, and there are several proofreading jobs open to skilled individuals on various career platforms like Flexjobs or Fiverr.

Proofreaders have an eye for details as they can spot the tiniest of writing mistakes like grammar errors, improper use of punctuation, and the likes. Therefore, some level of proficiency in the English language is required.

In addition, you should consider building your brand on LinkedIn as many professionals may need your help for their books or anything related to writing.

6. Article Translation

If you happen to be bilingual or multilingual, this is one of the most accessible digital business ideas to consider. The internet has made it possible for businesses worldwide to connect; translation into other languages has become inevitable.

Furthermore, social media job boards present decent opportunities to get jobs. In addition, you should deliver on time and provide excellent customer service, as referrals would go a long way in helping you secure more jobs.

7. Copywriting

While an article writer is involved in content creation, copywriters are more concerned about content marketing. Copywriters are more sales-driven, and they write emails, website content, sales letters, product descriptions, landing pages, etc.

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They assist a company’s sales team by planning, researching, and writing copy aimed at promoting/marketing goods and services for their prospective clients.

More entrepreneurs see the need for copywriters as they understand human buying psychology and can help organizations make more sales by leveraging words.

You can take up jobs by writing for newspapers, journals, magazines, blogs, and even business owners who have websites.

8. Software development

Software development is one of the most lucrative digital business ideas you can think of today. Most organizations are embracing mobile app development apart from their websites, and they are willing to pay good money for it.

However, this business requires coding skills, but the opportunities within are endless. Many courses are available online to learn from.

9. Blogging

Blogging has now become one of the fastest ways of content creation and distribution online. It entails creating and marketing online content which would eventually build your audience.

Once you have built a large audience, there are several means through which you can monetize your effort. Some of which are :

– Affiliate marketing
– Selling ad space
– Guest posts for media outlets information products, etc.

Most bloggers make a common mistake: they jump into blogging without proper thought on what to start with and how to continue.

Therefore, you must carefully pick what you’re good at or a topic that interests you as a blogger. For instance, if you’re a great cook, it will be thoughtful to start a food blog to share your food recipes and cooking process with your readers.

Lastly, fashion, entertainment, food, lifestyle, business, politics and technology are some of the most popular blogs topics.

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10. Affiliate Marketing

At some point, you may have recommended a product to a friend or colleague without getting paid for it.

On the other hand, affiliate marketers recommend products or services to people but with the intent to get commissions for each successful sale based on their recommendation.

They achieve this by signing a deal with the product or service owner to help promote their products/services. So that while the brand makes sales, they can get paid a percentage of the profit for promoting their products/services.

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This digital business idea is a great way to turn your good marketing and communications skills into profit. Furthermore, if you have a significant following on social media networks, you could leverage that to make money for yourself.

Lastly, you can start by liaising with physical products producers or take advantage of websites like Clickbank, CJ affiliate, and the likes where entrepreneurs make their products available for affiliate marketers.

11. Consultancy Business

This is another smart and profitable digital business idea. If you’re a veteran in some field, rather than practising, you could set up an online consultancy business, through which you can offer advice to persons seeking help in that field.

There are several fields you can choose from:

– Legal Consultancy
– Financial Consultancy
– College Counselling
– YouTube Consultancy
– Fitness Consultancy
-SEO Consultancy, etc.

12. Voiceover Artist

If you have a great voice and happen to be a compelling speaker, you could convert this soft skill into an income channel.

As a voiceover artist, you will often be required to mimic a character, narrate a story, market a product or entertain an audience.

The competition within this digital business idea is minimal; therefore, you’d hardly lack customers if you are good at what you do.

Therefore, the opportunities are innumerable,  as people need help in every field. In addition, setting up a consultancy business doesn’t require much.

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